Know How to Run Scanpst.exe in Windows 7

Outlook is a powerful email client application that manages the process of sending and receiving emails in a very organized way. Additionally, users could also store personal data such as notes, contacts, calender entries, journals etc which are indexed in a single PST file. This pst file is a very important part of Outlook but despite of so many advantages, it is very much prone to corruption ultimately leads to total inaccessibility of Outlook application.

Any type of PST file malfunctioning will give rise to various kinds of error messages when user tries to send or receive emails or simply when the Outlook is accessed. The sending or receiving emails gets terminated in midway and error message occurs in the screen such as “Outlook 2007 Receiving’ reported error (0x80040600): Unknown Error 0x80040600 and so on. So, in order to fix such issues, it is very important to repair Outlook pst file. In such a situation, Scanpst.exe Inbox repair tool could be very handy which is a default pst repair tool offered by Outlook to fix Outlook issue.

For a new user, it is always a question, how to run scanpst.exe in Windows 7. In Windows 7, it is located in different location as compared to other Windows OS. You could find Scanpst.exe in “C:Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeOffice12” Just visit the exact the location and double click on the scanpst.exe file to run it. Select the PST file which is to be repaired and easily repair Outlook 2007 using scanpst.exe in Windows 7. Similarly if you are wondering how to repair Outlook 2010 then in the same way run the Inbox repair tool to fix any Outlook issue.

In case if the Pst problem is very severe and scanpst.exe doesn’t works then it is better to use a contemporary pst repair tool having powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics. The automatic application will throughly scan the corrupted PST file and repair it in no time.

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